Youth News

Youth Blast Saturday, November 27th

Youth Falls Creek is July 19-24

June 26 Highway Baptist Church will host a Parent / Guardian / Camper / Sponsor Weiner Roast for pre need sign-up for Falls Creek.

The youth are gearing up for Falls Creek and are excited about attending. Continue to pray for each one and the youth leaders.

The youth group would like to do some local mission work such as checking batteries in smoke alarms; changing out light blubs that are burned out or just to help the elderly in the church or community. If you have a need or know of someone please call the church office. (405)382-0022

The Youth will gather At The Pole, Wednesday 7:30 at Varnumn School. They will have prayer and afterwards gather for juice and donuts. Wednesday evening they will gather at First Baptist Church of Cromwell for a “Saw you At The Pole” rally.

Youth group had a great time at the Youth Conference Sharon Baptist Church, Shawnee, Oklahoma

Continue to Pray for Justin & Jennifer as they lead the youth here at Highway Baptist. Pray for guidance for the Holy Spirit to lead, and disciple the youth.

The Lord is still working in the Youth Program. One of the youth was saved Saturday night. Giving God all the Praise!!

Youth will be attending the Youth Rally at First Baptist Church of Cromwell, Saturday, December 14th.

They also participated in the Mission Fest Sunday 8th. The youth divided into groups chose a country, picked out a class room and decorated with information about that country and passed out the main food of the country. They did this to make awareness of the Lottie Moon Foreign mission offering.

the Youth group participated with “See You At The Pole” Wednesday there were over 90 in participation.

Youth started the Revival off with an afternoon of fun, food & fellowship after the morning worship. They played water games, tug of war with a mud pit in the middle and pizza.

There were 8 salvation decisions; 1 re dedication

A Great Sunday as God worked in the worship services

Saturday 9th the youth went to Frontier City for a Christian concert and to take in the rides.

We have had the privilege of seeing 10 baptism and 2 rededication in our youth group.

The youth and youth leaders had a great experience at Falls Creek this year.

There were a total of 12 salvation decisions in the cabin we are still praising God for His work.

We Would Love For You To Join Us In Worship