Pastor’s Thoughts

God is Good and He knows what is happening here on this earth. I’m reminded of the scripture when He was on his way to Sodom and Gomorrah to destroy these two cities because of their sinfulness. God stopped on the way to tell Abraham what He was about to do. I think possible once more He has stopped to tell the world what He is about to do. He was going to destroy the cities completely but Abraham intervened and Lot and his family were spared (except for Lot’s wife). Lesson for us; lets intervene and see more people taken to Heaven.

What a time we are living in. The pandemic that swept the world. It effected each and every one of us in some fashion. Those who became ill with the virus, families who lost loved ones because of the virus there lives will never be the same.

Now with protest, and riots taking place, innocent people once more being at the blunt of selfish and evil people as they see their business, their lively hood being destroyed. There is no excuse for the looting (stealing) and destruction of other individuals property.

Jesus must be coming back soon! Are you ready?

 Just Some Thoughts


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